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The conversation around mental health is growing. Young people are finding the courage to share their struggles and ask for support, but often their friends and families don’t know how to respond. is working to change that. We envision a world where every young person is comfortable talking about their mental health, and those who need support get the help they deserve.
Let’s educate ourselves to recognize when someone is struggling and learn how to properly support one another.
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Learn more about mental health and access resources to complement your Be There knowledge.

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Be There in a Crisis

Someone experiencing a mental health crisis is at risk of hurting themselves or others. Use the Golden Rules to get them help right away.

Learn to Be There

What is is the only Canadian charity training and empowering a national network of young leaders to revolutionize mental health.


Be There for those you love.

Learn to recognize when someone might be struggling and how to follow the 5 Golden Rules.

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